David Saintsing

Medical Consulting


Meet David

David is an entrepreneur, angel investor, triathlete and emergency medicine physician who currently serves a broad spectrum of patients at a Level 2 trauma center in Denver, CO. He is also on the Board of Directors at Carepoint health, a multispecialty, physician-owned, physician-run group that operates in multiple states across the US. ‍

For those who might not know (like me, until I met David!) an expert witness is someone who is hired to provide expert opinion on their area of expertise that is accepted by judges and can be used in court to make a case. Over the years, David had been asked several times by legal firms to review cases, and in doing so, he realized that not only was he able to provide high-quality work, he also enjoyed it. And so became the idea for Saintsing Medical Consulting.

Project Brief

For the website, David wanted to keep things short and sweet. A look at the competition revealed that this could be an opportunity for differentiation, but it would also match users’ expectations; David’s view was that anyone looking for an expert witness would know exactly what they’re looking for, and would only be seeking to validate specific criteria. But being too brief comes at the price of accessibility and approachability - it’s important not to bombard users with content that has no value to them, but it’s also crucial to provide what they’re after, and even better if it’s done in a friendly and inviting way.

Problems & Solutions

1. Keeping it brief

  • 1-Pager: The entirety of the site’s content is visible without clicking anything at all, and relevant precision information is always available using the least amount of clicks possible.
  • FAQs: The FAQ section is kept completely hidden until users click the “View FAQs” button.

  • About Section: All of the “About” content is divided into three tabs, to allow users the possibility to investigate only as they please. David’s resume is visible and available for download at the click of the “View Resume” button.
Tabs Separating Content in "About" Section

  • Services: Custom icons were used to improve comprehension, and detailed descriptions were removed to meet the expectations of an already-educated audience.

Services w/Icons and FAQ Button in "Services" Section

2. Remaining approachable & accessible

  • Styling: An inviting, spacious introduction is featured as well as an aesthetically pleasing overall visual design using bright colors, colorful imagery, and a young-spirited “grotesk” font.
Saintsing Medical Consulting's Landing Page

  • Navigation: The navigation bar is visible at all times - a left-hand navigation for desktop computers, a top bar with visible menu items and a clear CTA for iPads, and a standard top-bar menu layout with the CTA revealed on scroll for mobile - all in order to maximize the available space depending on a user’s device.
Navigation Style for iPad Screens

  • Get in touch: Great for usability but also for business, no matter what device is used to access the site, users always have a way to contact David in their field of vision.