Kyle Robbins

Personal Trainer


Meet Kyle

Kyle is an inspired, driven and dynamic young woman who’s made it her mission to empower other women. Kyle has always been an athlete, competing at a very high level in multiple areas; she has not only been able to travel the world and compete in international soccer tournaments, she’s also competed in downhill skiing against some of the world’s best.

Today, Kyle is an NPC bikini competitor who has competed in four nationally qualifying NPC shows. With a passion for lifting, nutrition, and changing lives, Kyle is now a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, and has been fitness and mindset coaching since 2018.

Project Brief

For nearly two years, Kyle had been able to run her business using only social media (Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram). Eventually however, she realized that although these platforms were immensely beneficial for marketing and promotion purposes, she hadn’t yet established a brand identity. For the website, Kyle wanted to create a platform that would allow her to do this, both by providing the space to express herself clearly, and by creating a means to acquire new customers and sell various products online. In so doing, she’d be able to take KB Fitness to the next level.

Problems & Solutions

1. Clear navigation despite complex offerings

  • Efficient content structure: The information architecture of a website is the structural design of all the site’s content. By designing it properly, you’re ensuring that users quickly and easily find what they’re looking for - exactly like your keys have a designated spot in the house to be sure you’ll find them when you need them. Kyle had a lot to say, but we were able to sort everything into just 4 tabs.
KB Fitness Navigation w/ Mouse Hovering over "8-Week Workout" Tab

  • Narration for improved comprehension: Not only did we design a proper content structure, we also increased overall coherence by creating associative links between topics. For example, KB Fitness offers training programs and discount codes, but there’s no obvious relationship between the two. With the use of invitations to view subsequent pages, we created these associations AND increased the likelihood of users navigating through the whole website and not missing a thing.
Invitation to View Programs

  • Social media links: As mentioned above, social media is an important aspect of KB Fitness’s business, and it was important to Kyle that users continue to engage on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. As such, the links to her social media accounts were placed directly in the navigation bar to ensure they’re never out of view.
  • Landing page design: Upon arriving on the home page, users get a sample of everything that KB Fitness has to offer without needing to make a single click. However, if they do want to learn more, the respective page is just a click away.
About Section w/ Mouse Hovering over "Learn More" Button

  • Business-driven design: KB Fitness offers several different types of fitness programs (1-on-1 personal training - both in-person and digital, workout guides, custom nutrition plans…), but 1-on-1 in-person personal training is what generates the majority of revenues. With that in mind, the site was also designed to push users toward 1-on-1 in-person personal training by putting it front and center on the Programs page and requiring an additional click from users to get more information about the other programs.

2. Designing a unique visual style:

  • Imagery: KB Fitness features several high-quality photos of Kyle throughout the website that were beautifully done by a professional photographer, creating a lasting impression and getting users clicking.
Profile Photo from "Meet Kyle" Section

  • Urban visual design: Despite a target audience of young women, Kyle opted for a visual style that wasn’t too stereotypically-feminine. Instead, the site adopts more of an athletic and sporty aura, featuring an urban style with bold animations.
Mouse Hovering over Apparel in "Codes By Category" Section

  • Custom interactions: Custom interactions are used throughout the site for aesthetic reasons, but also as a means to improve comprehension, such as the text animations that visually guide users through the content.
How it Works Explanation for 1:1 Personal Training