Emmanuel Dupuy

Real Estate Agency


Meet Manu

Manu has been in the real estate business since 2006, beginning his career at Bouygues Immobilier, one of the largest real estate promoters in France.

Real estate being such a broad sector, Manu eventually became interested in widening his horizons, gaining experience in both larger organizations as well as smaller more specialized agencies. But as time passed, Manu began to form the belief that the vast majority of the companies he worked for were simply charging too much... So, convinced that not only could prices be reduced, but also that a higher quality service could be provided through a more personal relationship with clients, Manu founded Bobimmo in early 2020.

Project Brief

The real estate industry is huge and highly saturated. What’s more, beyond the sheer amount of competitors, the market is also full of agencies that have found their niche and/or have become masters at their craft. As such, in order to compete, Manu needed a website that provided a browsing experience as sophisticated as the most mature players, but he also needed a means to stand out in the crowd.

Problems & Solutions

1. Sophistication & functionality:

  • Custom Filter: Users interested in buying a piece of property often have a clear set of constraints in mind, and the big players in the market know that. So, in order to meet these expectations, advanced filtering systems are often used on their websites to help users cut through the noise. Thanks to a Jetboost dynamic filtering system, Bobimmo proudly does as well.
Bobimmo Listings & Custom Filtering system

  • Automated workflows: In contrast with many other businesses, one particularity of managing real estate listings is the extent to which content evolves - properties come and go frequently, and the website needs to be updated to reflect these changes accordingly. Thanks to a Zapier integration, which has the capability of synchronizing and automating multiple web applications, Manu can quickly and easily make updates that are published instantaneously to the site, using nothing but a shared Google form.
Our Shared Google Form, Linked to Bobimmo for Instant Modifications

  • Dynamic CMS Content: Each individual real estate listing contains many different pieces of information (the location, the price, the description, photos, etc.), each of which need to be formatted in a comprehensive and visually pleasing way. Thanks to Webflow’s powerful Content Management System (CMS) and custom code snippets, each Bobimmo real estate listing is generated automatically based on data entries in the CMS, displaying all content including multi-image fields in a custom slider.

2. Standing out in the crowd:

  • Unique visual style: Users are welcomed with a high-quality image of Paris, featured at the very top of the site’s landing page which, upon scrolling, moves in a way that imitates sifting through physical listings. These sophisticated and unique visual effects paired with a patriotic color scheme were designed to communicate Bobimmo’s genuine love for its hometown - a position of passion that appeals to the soul, and that many other players in the market seem to have neglected.
Bobimmo's Landing Page

  • Communication style: A modern and lively yet elegant and civilized font was chosen to communicate Bobimmo’s unique style, and all content was built using a friendly and inviting tone as opposed to the typical dry and formal communication style used by competitors.
"Need help? It's free and convivial, contact us."

  • Custom interactions: Fully custom interactions are used throughout the website to delight users and increase engagement while additionally serving the functional purpose of reducing content overload; i.e. revealing content if and only if users want to learn more.