Even the most remarkable websites aren’t complete without a way to generate quality traffic…

But while SEO is a powerful tool, there are no shortcuts; success is attained through deliberate efforts made regularly over time.

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What's Included?



Identify any current weaknesses (keywords, domain authority, loading time, metainformation) and isolate key opportunities


Competitive Analysis

Auditing top 5 competitors to see what helps them rank, imitating their strategy (only better), and reorient their traffic to your site.


Content Creation

Create, proof and publish content with relevant keywords to your site each month (1 article/week, limit 1000 words).



Locating impactful backlink opportunities, initiating acquisition, production of content to accompany the backlink


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Why opt for SEO?

Unlike the in-your-face pop-ups and banner ads, SEO is non-disruptive. SEO also allows you to communicate with potential customers at the opportune time: the moment they’re actually curious and receptive to new information… i.e. the moment they’ve actively begun the search for an answer to their question through a Google search. 
What this translates to for you is higher quality traffic on your website, or traffic that’s more likely to lead to conversions.

What factors affect how websites are ranked on search engines?

There are over 200 ranking factors, but in general, websites that appear on the first page of search results contain the following criteria below:

  • They allow Google’s algorithms to easily understand what the website is about:
  • Content that speaks the algorithm’s language: proper heading structure, metainformation, alt tags
  • Technical components: XML sitemaps, robots.txt
  • They demonstrate quality content:
  • Website build quality: proper code structure, fast loading time, responsive and mobile-friendly design
  • Content relevance with respect to user queries: content featuring relevant keywords and keyword phrases
  • Domain authority: a composite score between 1-100 that indicates the strength of your digital presence, determined by the number and the quality of your website’s “backlinks”, or references made my other reputable sources to your website. Domain authority is also determined by your actual domain name as well as your domain’s age.
What kind of results should I expect?

It is not unusual to see your web traffic and conversions double within the first 6-9 months. That being said, some businesses are more primed for growth than others. If you are just starting out with a new website, the growth may be slower.

Why can’t results be achieved quicker?

‍First of all, if you ask me, the fact that you can’t expect results overnight is a good thing..! If SEO was easy, everyone would do it, leaving you with a significantly smaller piece of the pie.

That being said, to understand why this is and to understand the key aspects to keep in mind when developing your own SEO strategy, it’s helpful to step back and look into how Google’s ranking algorithm (PageRank) actually works - check out an article I’ve written about it HERE.

Do you need any input from me?

I will handle almost everything on our end. What we do need help with from you is understanding your business. You know your business (and customers) better than anyone so it will be important to stay in contact as we launch and manage your campaign.

Occasionally, I will need assistance with new content/articles for your site. If this is the case, I will consult you on how to assist in this.